E&C's webinars

We regularly host webinars on diverse subjects.  Do you have a topic in mind you'd like us to feature a webinar on? Please let us know via Siobhán Fitzgerald (siobhan@eecc.be).

COVID-19 webinar series 
A various set of topics impacting your energy procurement during the Coronacrisis will be touched upon. Have a look at the full programme at: https://www.eecc.eu/covid-19-webinars

Previous webinars

Region specific: 

  1. How to buy energy in the Balkan region on the verge of liberalization? 
  2. How to buy energy in Mexico on the verge of liberalization? 
  3. How Chinese airconditioners are driving German electricity prices
  4. Brazil: the country of the potentially free consumers
  5. Argentina: tango your company through the new renewable energy law

Topic specific: 

  1. Should you make or buy green electricity?
  2. Webinar EU-ETS (March 2019)

Too busy? Our handouts are attached to the webinars. Make sure to download them when you watch the webinar, they might come in useful one day! 


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