Should you make or buy green electricity?

Webinar on Sustainable Energy Procurement

In 2016 global investments in renewable energy was at a record high. A growing number of companies already adopted renewable energy goals and committed to green energy supply, either by means of local production, or by buying green certificates. 

The following 30-minute webinar will bring you closer to the answer on whether you should buy or produce green electricity yourself. 

Some of the topics discussed during this webinar on sustainable energy management:

  1. What sustainability strategy should you follow? 
  2. Should you set up green energy procurement or invest in auto-production?
  3. Obligatory compliances versus voluntary purchases
  4. Type of GoO and different labels available
  5. How to set up a technology scan
  6. Case studies

Be sure to download our handouts when watching the webinar, they might come in useful one day!