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Jens Lievens on energy procurement strategies

Jens Lievens is COO at E&C Consultants and has a strong background in business development, experience that he applies constantly as manager to inspire and support colleagues and clients.

Attendees at the Transatlantic Energy Conference had the opportunity to listen to Jens explaining the key elements of winning energy buying strategies and how to deal with high prices in the current context of the energy markets. In this video, Jens discusses some of the insights shared with the conference audience and illustrates why it is so important to have a solid energy procurement strategy.

Dina Karamarko on decarbonization strategies in large energy consuming companies

Dina Karamarko works as an International Energy & Sustainability Consultant at E&C Consultants. Since her very early days at E&C in 2015, Dina has been passionate about creating value for industrial players when it comes to energy risk management, decarbonization and effective reporting.

During our last annual conference, participants had the chance to hear Dina explain and showcase the strategies to keep control over the costs of decarbonization. We benefited from the situation to ask her about the link between general procurement strategies and sustainability strategies, as well as the risks that the current crisis could involve for the energy transition plans of large energy consumers.

Bart Verest on security of supply and the risks for energy buyers

Bart Verest has worked at E&C Consultants for almost a decade as an International Energy Procurement Consultant, co-ordinating European and global accounts. He led one of the workshop sessions organized during the last edition of our annual conference, which provided participants with insights about security of supply. In this video, Bart explains the main risks energy buyers are facing right now regarding security of supply and how they can navigate this fast-changing landscape.

Benedict de Meulemeester on the unprecedented volatility of energy markets

Benedict de Meulemeester is co-founder and CEO at E&C Consultants. He collaborated with many companies in energy procurement in the past sixteen years at E&C, and has a broad experience regarding the energy markets in many different countries.

During the last E&C annual conference, Benedict spoke about the unprecedented volatility experienced by the energy markets, and led a workshop aiming at advising energy buyers on how deal with the risk of suppliers disappearing with hedges. 

Gerard Reid on the main factors that have led to the volatility on energy prices

Gerard Reid is focused on empowering and accelerating change by advising organizations, industry leaders and global decision makers on the transition towards net-zero carbon emissions. Co-founder at Alexa Capital, he is also a Fellow at the Institute of the Environment at the University of Minnesota and a member of the Global Future Council on Advanced Energy Technologies at the World Economic Forum.

Gerard was the keynote speaker in our last Transatlantic Energy Conference, organized in Brussels on 28 April 2022 under the main theme 'Energy transition through the high peaks'. E&C Consultants profited from the occasion to ask Gerard about the current volatility of the energy markets and its impact for large energy consumers.

Declining gas prices (June 2019)

Our consultant is giving an overview of the events impacting the declining gas prices, how to prepare for a trend reversal and whether this can be considered a good steps towards a cleaner energy future.

The evolution of sustainable energy management

Everybody wants to go green, but how to actually green your energy procurement? How do these actions impact your current energy portfolio and how to prepare your electricity contracts to these changes?

Aftermovie Transatlantic Energy Conference 2018

International energy procurement conference where more than 40 international energy purchasers heard about hot topics in energy sourcing: global energy procurement, bullish energy markets and block chain opportunities in the energy sector.

Here's why you could consider an ARENH swap

French year ahead electricity prices rose above the 42 euro per MWh due to the nuclear outages and probes. This makes ARENH electricity competitive again. October, 2017

Bullish energy markets

Join us at TEC 2018. More information at www.eecc.eu/TEC

Carolina Muñoz Martin - Consultant @ E&C Consultants

Carolina is our Senior Consultant specialising in the Iberian and LATAM energy markets. Want to ask a question concerning these energy markets in person? Join Carolina at Transatlantic Energy Conference: https://www.eecc.eu/TEC-Geneva

Power Purchase Agreements (PPA)

Are you looking into the options of a Power Purchase Agreement on-site or off-site?

Aftermovie Energy Conference

A short recap about the first leg of our Transatlantic Energy Conference, a must-attend event for all energy buyers, held in Amsterdam on September 22nd. Have a look at www.eecc.eu/TEC. September 2016. 

Are you joining TEC?

The current gas situation of the Iberian Peninsula commented by Maria Martinez de Ubago

It’s a fact that the MIBGAS is not liquid enough yet and, that if we want our Spanish gas system to improve, some measures should be taken. February 2018

E&C Central Europe's Business Meeting @ Budapest

We invited several international energy buyers to share information on the global trends influencing the Central European energy market and shared tips and tricks on energy data management. February 2018

A new dash for gas

It became more advantageous to produce electricity with gas due to the increasing spark spread and the declining dark spread.

Meet Juan Rios, consultant at our Melbourne office

Juan will provide industrial consumers of advise on energy procurement from the office in Melbourne. More info at www.eecc.eu/melbourne

Aftermovie Energy Conference

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What people are saying about E&C

“Together with E&C, we are gradually improving our maturity in Energy Procurement across Bombardier (Aerospace and Transportation). They support us in optimizing our energy procurement step by step. Having started with only one location, we are now collaborating in 8 countries in Europe and North America and there is more to look forward to.”

Özgür Oklap, Global Category Lead at Bombardier

“E&C succeeded in negotiating a contract without any volume requirements - an essential condition due to the volatile business we’re in. Their tendering, combined with their accurate follow-up of the energy markets, resulted in an average hedged electricity price that was 15% below that of last year.”

Ludo Heylen, Purchasing Manager at Lantmännen Unibake Benelux

“E&C realized that our passive approach to energy payments was costing us money. By analyzing our invoices and discussing with engineers, they found out that our capacitors were being set up on the wrong connection points. This realization saved us 60,000 euro per year.”

Client active in food manufacturing

“E&C created a tailor-made executive summary that combined all of our hedging and financial controlling activities. It gave us an overview of the portfolio situation for electricity, gas and injections, and provided a detailed breakdown of the cost per month for several of our sites. The file is updated each month to show the cost evolution and compare it with the previous year as well as with our internal targets. This makes following-up easy and and ensures effective decision-making.”

Joris Meerschaert, Purchase Manager at Unilin

“Pre-financial crisis, energy markets were soaring, increasing daily - and positions were purchased in panic at high prices. We recognized that no one can predict the behaviour of the markets - engaging E&C helped us develop a buying strategy and we gained control over our energy cost and risk exposure.”

Daniel Wade, Purchasing Manager at Federal Mogul

“Thanks to E&C, our P&L is no longer affected by unexpected energy budget increases like we saw in 2008”

Company active in tourism industry

“E&C has been a great partner in our effort to switch away from a decentralized, fragmented approach for Utilities to a Strategic Centralised approach for 10 mature markets. We now have full visibility in our consumption on the SharePoint and are able to make much more informative decisions for the purchases. Moreover we are able to efficiently plan ahead for years to come and achieve better budget stability.”

Marinela Paida, Group Strategic Procurement Manager at Coca Cola Hellenic Bottling Company

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