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Building a business from their passion for energy markets. That’s what our founders did in 2005 and that’s still what they do today, supported by an international team of energy experts who help spread this passion all over the world. What does our team bring to the table? A set of highly specialized consultancy services: quality energy risk management, procurement, financial controlling, sustainability and data management solutions based on the most in-depth knowledge of energy procurement that you can find.
At E&C Consultants, energy buying isn’t just a branch of our business –  it’s in our DNA.

E&C’s philosophy

From its very first moments, E&C has been conscious of its role in society, which is clear from our mission statement:

To make energy market participants worldwide contribute to the energy transition by bringing them the best strategies, systems & data, shoulder to shoulder, with the help of the newest technologies.

This mission statement is summarized in our baseline:

E&C: smarter energy for a better world

Throughout our existence, we have consciously worked on bringing into practice a set of values. These values are strongly shared among E&C team members, creating a strong bond among them and ensuring a high degree of employee involvement in realizing the company’s goals.

These values encompass how we do business and are outward facing, are ingrained in how we manage our work and how we relate to our clients. Some are also internal and relate to how we see ourselves as individuals within E&C. We take these values seriously and demonstrate them as often as we can:


Diversity is one of our biggest assets: the E&C team currently has 25 nationalities – and growing! 

E&C has a gender-balanced workforce with the male/female spread being 50/50. Even more telling is the gender-balance in our management team: 5 out of 8 are women.

Behind E&C projects and services there is an enthusiastic and professional team captained by:




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