CBAM pilot is the first step in avoiding carbon leakage

The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) pilot introduces a levy on imports coming from countries with more relaxed carbon emission rules and thus avoids ´carbon leakage´. This phase will cover cement, iron and steel, aluminium, fertilizers, electricity and hydrogen. Read more...

Etex Australia plant in Altona Victoria

Etex Australia leading the way in reducing their carbon footprint

20/06/2023. Etex Australia has reached a significant milestone in their decarbonization journey with the launch of a rooftop solar system in their Altona site, in Victoria. 

E&C Consultants is pleased to have assisted Etex Australia by conducting the on-site solar tender. Read more...

E&C Consultants most Family & Human friendly company in Poland_Ceremony_Warsaw-1

E&C Consultants most Family & Human friendly company in Poland

30/03/2023 - E&C Consultants’ Polish branche has won the Family and Human Wellbeing Humanites Award 2022. The competition considered a culture of feedback and appreciation, support for employee personal development and opportunities to engage with the society and the environment. Read more...

interview david lamoulie

"Arenh creates enormous uncertainty for the end customer"

19/01/2023 - Our expert and Consultant David Lamoulie talks with News Tank about the problems concerning the functioning of the electricity and gas markets in France and  at EU levelRead more...

EC Consultants_LevelTen_partnership_signature_small

E&C and LevelTen partner to streamline clean Energy Transitions

22/07/2022 - The agreement enables E&C to transact on power purchase agreements (PPAs) to serve more than 300 clients from South Africa to Norway and Peru to Australia. The LevelTen Platform will now enable E&C to access to more than 4,300 PPA offers across 21 countries in Europe and North America. Read more...


Solar Sister announces merger with LivelyHoods Kenya

18/05/2022The merger of these two award-winning social enterprises is effective immediately and combines Solar Sister’s operations in Nigeria and Tanzania, with LivelyHoods’ network in Kenya, Read more...

Energy risk_How businesses can reduce costs in a volatile market_small-1

Energy risk: How businesses can reduce costs in a volatile market

04/02/2011 -  The world is facing its most serious energy crisis since the 1970s, putting severe strain on many businesses. Gas prices have soared, electricity costs are up, and even the cost of unfashionable coal reached an all-time high in October 2021 [original article published in the FM magazine]. Read more...

Solar Sister Tanzania_EC collaboration

E&C announces a  collaboration partnership with Solar Sister

17/12/2021 -This relationship, launched under E&C CSR framework, engages structural financial and non-financial support to the NGO, involved in the eradication of energy poverty in Nigeria and Tanzania Read more...


AkzoNobel Brazil starts building a Solar Power Project in Recife to be operative in May 2022

22/11/2021 - E&C Consultants have intermediated in the agreement, keeping its commitment to support its clients with their energy transition strategies. The new solar installation, developed  by EDP Renewables, will produce 1372 MWh of green power per year. Read more...


Strategic Alignment Test to assist in successful energy procurement 

09/11/2021 - Through our blog and White Paper we have recently discussed the importance of alignment in successful energy procurement and given ideas on how to counter lack of alignment.

Do you want to know how aligned you are? Take the test!  


New moves in China towards power reform and deregulation

20/10/2021 - The deregulation of the Chinese power sector has been an important objective for policymakers, but there weren’t any clear indications of what the next steps would be or a timeline for implementation.  The timing seems very much related to the ongoing coal supply issues and power supply shortages in most provinces. Read more...


Change in leadership at E&C Consultants

02/07/2019 - E&C Consultants announces the acquisition of all shares by Benedict De Meulemeester and Jens Lievens. Together, these two energy entrepreneurs want to scale up E&C’s global energy procurement consultancy practice and explore new horizons in energy data management and energy transition services. Read more...

ec milestone

E&C acquires 100% of the shares in E&C Central Europe

28/01/2019 - E&C has acquired 100% of the shares in E&C Central Europe (E&C CE). E&C CE was created in 2013 by E&C bvba, Wojciech Nowotnik and Bartosz Palusiński for the development of E&C’s energy procurement consultancy services in Central Europe. At the start-up E&C bvba owned 40% of the shares in E&C CE. Read more...

E&C consultants receives its first service organisation control report

E&C receives its first service organisation control report

18/01/2019 - “As E&C quickly grew from a local consultant to a global consultancy with nearly 70 people employed worldwide, this was an excellent opportunity to streamline our internal workflows and evaluate them” says Managing Director Benedict De Meulemeester. Read more...

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