Energy News

AkzoNobel Brazil starts building a Solar Power Project in Recife to be operative in May 2022

22/11/2021 - E&C Consultants have intermediated in the agreement, keeping its commitment to support its clients with their energy transition strategies. The new solar installation, developed  by EDP Renewables, will produce 1372 MWh of green power per year. Read more...


Strategic Alignment Test to assist in successful energy procurement 

09/11/2021 - Through our blog and White Paper we have recently discussed the importance of alignment in successful energy procurement and given ideas on how to counter lack of alignment.

Do you want to know how aligned you are? Take the test!  

New moves in China towards power reform and deregulation

20/10/2021 - The deregulation of the Chinese power sector has been an important objective for policymakers, but there weren’t any clear indications of what the next steps would be or a timeline for implementation.  The timing seems very much related to the ongoing coal supply issues and power supply shortages in most provinces. Read more...


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