E&C energy contracting enables you to identify the best offer

How do you organize your energy contracting?

Anticipating the next supply contract request-for-quotes? Confident in your ability to get the best out of suppliers’ arsenal of contractual options?
If, like many, you could benefit from a second, expert opinion, let our experienced professionals take the load so that you can focus on taking decisions.

Logical, thorough process

At E&C, we believe in a transparent, comprehensive approach:

E&C supports your energy contracting activities

E&C conducts hundreds of request-for-quotes each year in many different countries. We help our customers secure the best possible offers thanks to:

•  Our passion for energy markets – knowing how an energy company hedges in the wholesale markets helps us formulate the right price & risk management services for our customers. Knowing how portfolios work helps us secure the right volume conditions. Knowing about payment risks allows us to be realistic about payment terms.
Our firm methodology – Knowing when to ask for which concessions determines whether you obtain them and at what price.
Our independence – E&C’s code-of-conduct with energy suppliers sets the highest standard of independence. This is the cornerstone of our commitment to our customers: we never take commission from energy suppliers. We work strictly for energy buyers, not energy suppliers. When you work with E&C, you can be 100% sure that we have only one interest in mind: guiding you towards the best possible energy contract.
Our transparency – E&C’s energy contracting services are not a black box. We encourage suppliers to send every piece of information both to us and to you – the customer. We perform our analyses in spreadsheets that are shared with you without deleting any formulas. We are there to analyse and summarize information for you, not to monopolize it.
Our inclusive peer-to-peer approach – Energy supply contracting is an activity that we perform together. We will reduce your workload by taking care of all practical issues. That said, we’ll keep you informed of all the steps along the way and you’ll be the one to call the shots.

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