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We keep track of the non-commodity costs, their changes, possible exemptions, etc. anywhere.  Click here to learn more.   We benchmark the competitiveness of energy costs in full detail, worldwide.   We advise on energy policy and market design to facilitate an efficient energy transition.




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We assess the financial sense or non-sense of renewable projects, hydrogen, fuel switching, etc.    We monitor and analyse the impact of regulatory and legislative initiatives such as CBAM, ETS, EACs, etc.    We conduct assessments of market potential, prices, various scenarios, and the legislative framework.

How do policies and regulations impact you?

Energy market studies

Using actual energy cost data inclusive of all cost components, both commodity and non-commodity, we deliver tailor-made market studies for any location worldwide.

Our consultants combine energy price intelligence with a deep knowledge on grid fees, taxes, policies and regulations. Whether you seek energy cost benchmarking or you want guidance on energy market design and beyond, we can help you take informed, strategic decisions based on real data.

Analytics and insights

Built from day one to report on energy costs in every country in the world, the internal holistic logic of our database, data warehouse and computation engine brings you the insights that matter most to you.
We use real data, advanced analytical tools and data visualization to provide you with clarity on the future; empowering you to seize your opportunities.

Case studies

Explore our custom projects for a diverse array of clients; spanning governments, national energy firms, global industrials, financial institutions and more.

Our sample of case studies below each offers a taste of the project deliverables.

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Study on the green hydrogen regulation and market developments to determine the renewable energy sourcing and hydrogen sales strategies.
  Green hydrogen study 

Study and negotiations for industrial offtakers to replace their gas consumption with RED III compliant steam and reduce their scope 1 emissions while remaining cost competitive.
 Steam project feasibility study

Study to determine, optimize and execute the sourcing strategy within the regulatory limitations for a hydrogen production installation within Europe.
 Strategy definition for hydrogen project

Total energy cost comparison for industrial consumption in various countries across the world to facilitate a financial investment decision and determine energy cost competitiveness between countries.
 Energy cost benchmark study

Study to map the impact of carbon taxes and emissions trading systems across the globe on industrial consumers and their competitors. 
 Global carbon pricing study on emission trading sytems and carbon taxes

Our team


Bart Verest

Lead Partner, Energy Policy & Regulatory Affairs & Market Expert – Benelux


 Emma Nocquet-Wass

Energy Procurement and Transition Consultant & Market Expert – France

Vanshaj Verma

 Vanshaj Verma 

Product Owner & Market Expert – North America 


 Vera Ruffato

Energy Procurement Consultant & Market Expert – LATAM


 Juan Rios

Lead Partner & Market Expert – APAC


 Simona Uhrinová 

Energy Procurement Consultant & Market Expert – Central Europe


  Naoufal Bouhorma Mouffak

Energy Trader & Market Expert –
North Africa


 Simone Smogeli 

Energy Procurement Consultant & Market Expert – Germany & Austria

Article series

Is it hard to digest the minefield that is the ever-changing regulatory landscape?

As the energy regulatory framework around the world is in constant evolution and energy procurement becomes increasingly complex to navigate, E&C aims to shed light on how these changes might affect the way your business buys energy. Through this series of articles, learn more about the latest developments in energy policies looking at regulation and goals in terms of renewable energy production, carbon markets, the development of hydrogen and Renewable Fuels of Non-Biological Origin (RFNBO), and much more.

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