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Over the years, E&C has organized dedicated occasions for exchange, learning and debate about the main topics related to the energy sector:

  • Breakfasts: our morning meetings offer the perfect scenario to address local markets and specifics topics.
  • TEC: our Transatlantic Energy Conference aims to provide a deeper insight into relevant energy issues of interest for our clients. It brings unique networking opportunities for participants.
  • Webinars: our webinars allow participants to learn from the experts on how to deal with their energy management as large consumers.


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Experts, energy buyers, consultants, CEOs and procurement managers will find in our events singular opportunities to network, exchange experiences, learn, and connect with representatives and stakeholders from the energy sector.

Upcoming Events from the Energy sector

Hydrogen Economy Europe 2021

Reuters Events

  • Online, 2nd-3rd December 2021

Hydrogen is transforming the global energy landscape and no more so than in Europe. However, the roadmap is unclear. The cost of hydrogen remains high, the business case has not been defined, and the infrastructure requirements are colossal. The event will address these challenges head-on, gathering industry leaders across the public and private sector. 

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The Economic Future of Energy Storage

International Association for Energy Economics

  • Webinar, 21st February 2022

The webinar will discuss the economic role of energy storage in a simulated deeply decarbonized U.S. electricity system in 2050. It will discuss the energy storage in general as well as storage technologies other than Lithium-ion.

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World Hydrogen 2022 Summit & Exhibition

Sustainable Energy Council

  • Rotterdam, The Netherlands, 8th-10th March 2022

As Hydrogen accelerates into the mainstream energy sector, it’s crucial for policy makers and industry stakeholders to increase collaboration, cross-sector dialogue and knowledge-share to ensure the rapid scale-up and delivery of a global hydrogen economy. Packed with insights, showcases and networking activities for the entire value chain, World Hydrogen 2022 brings together government, research, innovation and private sector leaders for three full days dedicated solely to Hydrogen industry advancement.

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22nd Energy Statistics Course

International Energy Agency

  • Online Training, 15th - 17th March 2022

This free course offers training in the internationally recognised IEA methodology and tools for collecting and organising national-level energy data by different fuels and sectors of the economy. It focuses on creating complete and accurate energy balances through the use of consistent definitions and units, in order to inform national energy policy and enable consistent international reporting.

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E&C 5th Transatlantic Energy Conference

E&C Consultants
  • Brussels, 28th April 2022

Under the main theme Energy transition over the highest peaks ever, the 5th edition of the TEC will focus on the solutions that could be addressed to minimize the risks that the current context of unprecedented volatility involved for those wishing to embrace the energy transition. Join our TEC and don't miss this unique opportunity for networking with peers, experts and energy buyers in large international companies. 

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