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E-world energy & water 

Essen, Germany | 20-22 Feb 2024

Serving as an information platform for the energy sector, E-world is gathering international decision makers in Essen each year. More than one fifth of the exhibiting companies are based abroad. The majority of international exhibitors come from countries of the European Union. As in previous years, our expert representatives will be around and ready for a coffee, and to exchange ideas, share concerns and explore current options in the energy markets for energy buyers.

💻 Seeking solutions to manage your energy data?
🌿 Looking for advice on how to transition towards green energy sources?
📈 Searching for expertise to understand how to apply sound energy risk management?
📜 Or maybe to get updated about upcoming regulatory frameworks affecting your energy costs?

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E&C Global Energy Conference 2024 

Vienna, Austria | 13 June 2024

E&C Consultants organized for the first time its annual meeting in 2015. The Transatlantic Energy Conference (TEC) was created with the aim to become a single occasion for energy buyers to examine critical insights into global drivers of energy prices and to network with energy specialists from other international companies. 

In 2023, E&C Consultants went one step further regarding the concept of its most important meeting. The main purpose: to reflect its present and dedicated future. How? By changing the official name of the event: not "Transatlantic", but Global Energy ConferenceEffectively, with near 300 clients around the world and consistent plans to keep growing, we were convinced about the convenience of the moment (the year E&C turned 18) to manifest our commitment to take our main reason of existence, to achieve smarter energy for a better world, even further

The success of the Cologne meeting confirmed that a new era has started for E&C and, for extension, for our clients trusting us.  

In 2024, Vienna will host our Global Energy Conference under the main topic Balancing risk and opportunity in the corporate energy transition - We look forward to meeting you! ♪♪


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E&C Events

Over the years, E&C has organized dedicated occasions for exchange, learning and debate about the main topics related to the energy sector.

Experts, energy buyers, consultants, CEOs and procurement managers will find in our events singular opportunities to network, exchange experiences, learn, and connect with representatives and stakeholders from the energy sector.

  • Breakfasts: our morning meetings offer the perfect scenario to address local markets and specifics topics.

  • GEC: our Global Energy Conference aims to provide a deeper insight into relevant energy issues of interest for our clients. It brings unique networking opportunities for participants.

  • Webinars: our webinars allow participants to learn from the experts on how to deal with their energy management as large consumers.



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