TEC 2023

Global Energy Conference 2023: Actionable insights in energy buying

7 June 2023 | Cologne, Germany 

Despite the energy crisis we are currently experiencing not being the first in recent history (this year marks the 50th anniversary of the first oil crisis), it will be known as the first global crisis owing to the interconnections in energy markets.


Several triggers have determined this instability: while traditional energy sources haven’t been supported by investments in the last decade, renewables sources haven’t seen a meaningful scale-up to mitigate that under-investment. COVID shocks and the war in Ukraine have done the rest, leaving us the unprecedented price rises that have defined energy markets in the preceding months.

The ad-hoc reactions to this energy crisis have included a reorganization of the energy supply (in 2022, European LNG imports increased by 60% compared to total 2021 imports) and a readjustment of energy policies protecting large and domestic consumers (at E&C, we have exceeded our record of newsflashes on energy price caps). New plans to develop infrastructures to safeguard energy supplies have been accelerated, while a never-seen-before deployment of renewables projects have filled the desks of both policy makers and large industrial managers. Meanwhile, the world has experienced the most extreme temperatures in recent decades since records began.

It seems that the concepts of energy transition and energy security can no longer remain separate. It also appears that, without a strong coordinated answer by public policies, it will be harder to decrease the dependence of traditional energy sources without economic risk. Hard, but not impossible.

The questions for large energy buyers are then: how to jump on the game board without losing competitiveness? Which mechanisms should accompany the transition towards renewables? On a daily basis, which tools should be considered to ensure a smooth transition while navigating the unprecedented crisis?

Join our experts and peers from the energy sector in Cologne, Germany, to find out the answers to these and many other queries affecting your energy consumption.


  Wednesday, 7 June 2023

  Cologne Marriott Hotel – Johannisstraße 76-80, 50668 Cologne, Germany


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