ePoint: your flexible and transparent energy data management tool

Managing your energy data: ePoint

For sound energy management, the amount of data you need to collect, store and interpret for buying energy is enormous:

  • Energy contracts with a multitude of parameters and formulas
  • Different price fixing or unfixing confirmations when you apply advanced energy price management techniques
  • Monthly invoices with a multitude of parameters 
  • Metering data to better understand how you consume energy
  • Overarching information, such as market developments or regulations
  • Decarbonization monitoring

Keeping track of all this information can be difficult and time-consuming, especially when you have many different production sites. This is time better spent on taking decisions.

Choosing the right option

You could use an internal system for managing your data, and spend time chasing suppliers for that March invoice. You could use your energy suppliers’ systems where youre dependent on them as a supplier.

A better option is to choose an independent provider of energy data management services, such as E&C. If you do decide to outsource, you want to have the best. That means the system should be:

  • Flexible. Gather information in an easily digestible format. Don’t settle for standardized reports that don’t fit your needs. Don’t let your reporting tool pose constraints on the way you buy energy.
  • Transparent. Make sure that the data you see is transparent and includes all relevant calculations. Some opaque solutions look good but give you no insight into how your data is processed.

ePoint by E&C



"ePoint is my ‘go to’ solution for day-to-day energy management needs. Whether it’s looking up current intraday pricing, checking the validity of a contract or quickly verifying how many price fixings I have left open for my sites, ePoint provides me with a quick and easy way to access my information. An added advantage is that ePoint allows me to access important data while I am out of the office, from anywhere in the world, ePoint is an indispensable tool to help me successfully execute our Energy procurement strategy."

- Daniel Wade, Purchasing Manager, Federal Mogul -

What can ePoint do for you?

E&C values the importance of a sound, pragmatic data management solution. ePoint is the most flexible and transparent energy data management solution in the market. It's not just another energy management system, but an advanced application of SQL-server, excel, sharepoint and PowerBi technology.

On your personal ePoint site, you will find the following information:

  1. Document libraries, holding all contracts, price fixation orders/confirmations, invoices, meter readings, suppliers offers, price fixing quotes, carbon reporting, etc. All documents are easy to download.
  2. Tables and graphs, providing insight into the state of your global portfolio:
    • Contract overview
    • Risk management information such as budget-at-risk calculations or price fixing orders
    • Performance overviews showing price fixing & unfixing moments & how they perform against the market
    • Information on the markets in which you buy energy
    • Information regarding the regulatory framework in the countries in which you buy energy
    • All information from the energy controlling activities
    • Information regarding decarbonization efforts, including GHG carbon reporting
  3. All the excel documents that are used for generating the information, with all formulas still included.

If needed, we have good templates for getting the process under way and we can easily integrate your existing system/reports into our ePoint system in a format that you and your internal stakeholders are used to.

Such a third party-vendor relationship requires the highest level of trust and transparency. E&C has been successfully audited by Deloitte and passed its ISAE 3402 Type 1 examination, also called SOC1 type I. The report describes E&C's service controls and the design and implementation for insight and stakeholder assurance. 

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