Webinar on the German electricity market

In order to take the right energy purchasing decisions, you need to be aware of the fundamentals driving the electricity prices. After all, this can save your company tens to even hundreds of thousands of euros. 

In this 30 minute webinar Attila Erim, Consultant at E&C will give you an overview of the most recent developments in the German electricity market:

  1. The correlation between the international coal price and the German electricrity prices,  
  2. The German energy mix,
  3. Tips and tricks to protect your company from the volatile energy markets.
You shouldn't miss this webinar if: 
  1. You're responsible for the electricity purchase of the German sites of your company,
  2. Your company's energy spend exceeds 1 million euro. 

Be sure to download our handouts when watching the webinar, they might come in useful one day! 




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