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The energy transition is happening and it’s happening fast. More and more companies are setting decarbonization goals, buying greener energy and implementing smart technologies.

E&C assists you in making a smarter transition to this better world by applying sound energy procurement practices to your corporate energy transition: smart strategic analysis, better supported by data, more objective advice on contractual choices and smart risk management.

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Global needs

You manage the energy portfolio in a number of countries and sites for your company and are expected to aggregate portfolio, consumption and cost information from all corners of the planet. One thing going for you is that, although markets may appear different, the risk they present for your financial bottom-line is similar.
A global energy strategy allows you to embrace a global perspective on energy and not limit yourself to a country-centric approach. E&C has a broad international presence. Our consultancy offers both global capabilities and local expertise. Our centralized back-office and management team guarantees an integrated approach while our diverse team of consultants ensures due consideration of local market conditions.

Latest News

Aluminium Duffel marks a step forward in their commitment to renewable energy 

 18/10/2023. E&C Consultants assists the Belgian company in the signature of a 5-year Corporate Power Purchase Agreement. Read more...

Solar Sister helps to alleviate energy poverty for more than 4,3 million people in
last-mile communities 

17/10/2023. The 17 October is the UN International Day for the Eradication of Poverty. 774 million people globally lack access to energy,  597 million of those live in sub-Saharan Africa. Read more...

CBAM pilot is the first step in avoiding carbon leakage

27/09/2023. The Carbon Border Adjustment Mechanism (CBAM) pilot introduces a levy on imports coming from countries with more relaxed carbon emission rules and thus avoids ´carbon leakage´. Read more...


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