E&C to increase its access to the pricing of renewable energy certificates 

A partnership with the global data hub Veyt emphasizes the energy consultancy efforts to help clients in their decarbonization roadmaps

veyt collaborationE&C consultants acquires more transparency in the pricing of renewable energy certificates (iStock)


23/11/2023. We are happy to announce the signature of a partnership with the global data hub Veyt, a Norway headquartered company specialized in market intelligence for all significant low carbon markets.

With this collaboration, E&C consultants acquires more transparency in the pricing of renewable energy certificates, which helps our clients make smart decisions in their decarbonization efforts. Veyt will give E&C access to prices for Guarantees of Origin for renewable power and biogas.

This agreement reinforces E&C´s sustainability management services and is a good addition to our ongoing collaboration with LevelTen.

The deal responds to an increasingly pressing need for large energy consumers to green their consumption and reduce their carbon footprint, while minimizing their exposure to energy risk in a recent context of volatility and disruptions in energy supply.

Better informed choices

For Francois Pretorius, CCO at Veyt, “this relationship emphasizes the importance of data-driven decision making in our industry. We at Veyt are confident that our solutions will be instrumental in the work that E&C Consultants delivers.”.

Jens Lievens, COO at E&C Consultants, said that “Our clients want to reduce their carbon emissions in a way that makes financial sense: a risk management way. Our partnership with Veyt increases the transparency of the costs and leads to better-informed choices.”.

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