What's to be an E&Cer?

We asked Monika, Financial Controller

Enmascarar grupo 198Monika Sawicka-Ruszała, Financial Controller

Wrocław office


A typical day at E&C. "First, I check my emails to see if there are no urgent cases, I prioritize my tasks and start doing them one by one, I try to check my email twice a day to not distract myself with new emails/requests. My tasks are: shadowing invoices, investigating invoice deviations, answering client’s requests, building reports, updating Global reports, coordinating the work of the team related to my clients, meeting with clients from time to time, building budgets and forecasts."

Challenges. "The main challenge now is to prioritize the tasks as we have a lot of recurring tasks but also a lot of ad-hoc requests from clients and consultants. It is important to find a way to organize your day and prioritize the tasks and meet deadlines."

The company culture at E&C Consultants. "We have here a good atmosphere thanks to awesome people, we are from different nationalities but we cooperate well and smoothly, we work as a team, we don’t compete so there is no pressure. I like the flexibility here, meaning I can work from home or from the office, it is my decision. I like the fact that I’m independent but on the other hand if I need support I get it. I also like transparency in our company where I can ask for anything even from our owners and I will receive clear answers, the same way I work with clients, I’m transparent and even if I do make a mistake I will let them know and correct my errors."

Skills this role can bring to your career path. "I gain a lot of experience in excel, I develop my analytical and investigation skills, my knowledge about energy markets is much bigger and I understand how energy markets work, I learn to work with a huge amount of data, and cooperate with different types of people."


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