What's to be an E&Cer?

We asked Haris, Data Analyst

haris_anestopoulosHaris Anestopoulos, Data Analyst

Valencia office


A typical day at E&C. "We start with checking our tasks for the day and putting them in priority order. Then we participate on cross functional teams stand-ups in order to gather urgent requests/errors and that´s followed by our DRS stand-up where we gather requests and put them in priority list. The DRS stand-up is also where we distribute these requests between us. After that is when we follow our plan for the day and we treat our tasks which include collecting, inputting and managing data, quality checks, set up energy contracts into our database, data reporting and more."

Challenges. "The main challenge is that we need to do a lot of problemsolving and often in a timely manner while at the same time attention to detail is very crucial. Also like in many other positions prioritizing your tasks is very important."

The company culture at E&C Consultants. "Among many others, above all I would say it´s the comradery, you always feel supported and you are working with people who might be located many kilometres far away but they are on your side whenever you need them!

Also, a big plus is being able to define your own career path by reflecting on your work, expanding your skills and choosing the roles that suit you best or that you wish to fulfil. Of course the flexible working hours and the remote working possibilities are the cherry (a very delicious one) on top! Overall I would describe it as the ideal working conditions."

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