• White Paper – Strategic alignment – A key factor
    in successful energy procurement

Are you proud of your energy procurement strategy but find that there are still blockers preventing success? 

Within the last few years, when we started to work for ever larger organizations, it is clear that there is a huge need for strategic alignment. Ideas on how to counter this lack of alignment can be found in the first part of this White Paper. In the second part, I attempt to bring those ideas to life by sharing stories of two companies that went through a strategic alignment exercise.

These are the three elements or phases of strategic alignment that are highlighted in this paper:
  1. Set up a consistent strategy so that everyone’s individual objectives are aligned with the overall strategic goal(s).
  2. Communicate to align with stakeholders with special attention to be paid to those people in the organization that speak with authority.
  3. Report and evaluate based on those aligned objectives and the overall strategic goal

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