• White Paper – Is hydrogen the green fuel of the future?

With the energy transition in full swing, is hydrogen the critical piece we‘ve been missing? 

As we start to use ever increasing amounts of renewable energy, we begin to think about how we can make further arrangements for a carbon-free future. Two of the (many) issues to be solved are:

  • How do we decarbonize the usage of fossil fuels for the production of large amounts of heat, as we do in many factories around the world, especially in heavy industry?
  • To deal with the issues of intermittency, we need to have an over-dimensioned production apparatus of windmills and solar panels. But what do we do with this energy in the hours when there’s just too much production for consumers to absorb?

The following white paper will:

  • give you an understanding of the types of hydrogen possible, and which to pay attention to, 
  • the economic and political factors which influence the practicalities of hydrogen use, and
  • in looking to the future, the strategies already in place to ensure hydrogen‘s success in becoming a green energy to be reckoned with. 

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