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Energy procurement consultants Energysaving and E&C sign a partnership agreement

By Benedict De Meulemeester

By Benedict De Meulemeester on 23/10/2012

Energy Saving of Monza in Italy and E&C of Kortrijk in Belgium have reached a partnership agreement. The companies will work closely together to supply consultancy services for the procurement of energy by large consumers. For Energy Saving, the partnership is an opportunity to introduce E&C’s cutting edge risk management approach and tools in the Italian market. For E&C, the partnership is an opportunity to offer world-class services to clients in Italy. Both companies are now working together to develop risk management consultancy for large consumers of energy in Italy. They are also developing energy portfolio monitoring tools through E&C’s ePoint data management system, an innovative application based on Microsoft Sharepoint technology. The partnership can now offer a full-service approach to clients in Italy, Belgium, the Netherlands, Luxemburg, France, Germany, Austria, Switzerland, UK, Ireland, Spain and Portugal. It is looking into the extension of its activities with new partners in Eastern Europe and Scandinavia.

As gas and electricity markets across Europe complete their liberalization process, large consumers look for appropriate solutions to manage the risk they face of volatile energy prices. Energy suppliers in Italy are now also offering contract types that allow clients to hedge their risks. Energy procurement consultants such as Energy Saving and E&C are contracted by those clients to set up and implement the necessary risk management practices and monitor the markets. They also continue to service their clients with contract negotiation and bill auditing services. Italian clients can learn a lot from E&C’s risk management experience in the more mature markets in Northern Europe. And as more and more multi-national clients organize their energy procurement on a pan-European or even global scale, working together increases the possibilities to service international clients for both consultancy firms.

Renato Ornaghi, CEO of Energy Saving: “In Italy the energy markets are becoming more and more unpredictable and turbulent, therefore consultancy services that can offer strategic planning of their energy and gas purchasing in the medium and long term are becoming strongly necessary for final industrial users. We found in E&C the ideal partner for such consultancy activities, because they developed high-value-added energy procurement tools and solutions which are nowadays not existing in Italy and that are crucial for companies which intend to act in a proactive way, in the optimization and management of their energy costs.

Benedict De Meulemeester, CEO of E&C: “The energy consultancy market has recently seen an active mergers & acquisition phase. We believe that the nimbleness of smaller consultancy firms such as ours, leads to higher quality services. Partnering with other high quality consultancies like Energy Saving, expands our international reach. It also gives us the possibility of rapidly and successfully introducing our unique risk management approach in a new market, namely Italy”.

Energy Saving was created in January 2000. It services 160 industrial clients in Italy. Energy Saving,  with 8 staff members working from its office in Monza (Italy), plays the role of an externalized Energy Manager company in Italy, offering 360° consulting services in the area of energy procurement and energy efficiency. More information on Energy Saving can be found at www.energysaving.it.

E&C was created in April 2005. It services more than 200 mid-sized and large clients across Europe. E&C has 16 staff members working from offices in Kortrijk (Belgium), Sittard (the Netherlands), Frankfurt (Germany), London (UK) and Barcelona (Spain). More information on E&C can be found at www.eecc.eu. E&C also has a strong reputation as a source of information on the energy markets, as you can find out on its blog site.

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