Aluminium Duffel marks a step forward in their commitment to renewable energy 

E&C Consultants assists the Belgian company in the signature of a 5-year Corporate Power Purchase Agreement

Aluminium Duffel marks a significant step forward in their commitment to renewable energy_newsWindfarm on the Belgian North Sea (iStock) (iStock)


18/10/2023. Aluminium Duffel, a European leader in the manufacture and sale of aluminium rolled products for diverse industries worldwide, has recently marked a significant step forward in their commitment to renewable energy and their decarbonization journey with the signature of a 5-year Corporate Power Purchase Agreement (PPA).

E&C Consultants is pleased to have assisted Aluminium Duffel by assessing the PPA in connection with their energy strategy: ensuring it progresses their green electricity goals as well as limiting their exposure to market volatility. With this PPA, Aluminium Duffel makes sure the attainment of electricity from a windfarm in the Belgian North Sea with a volume of up to 135 gigawatt hours; in other words, the equivalent to the annual consumption of 40.500 families.

The agreement allows Aluminium Duffel to reinforce their ongoing efforts to reduce their carbon footprint. “By securing this offshore wind PPA, we are embracing the future of sustainable energy”, said the Belgian company in their official channels.

A more diversified portfolio reducing risks

For Hans Andries, Senior Manager Energy & Risk of Aluminium Duffel, “this is an important step in our path for green electricity for our production. Our company plays a vital role as a producer of aluminium rolled products used in various industries, including automotive and construction. The renewable electricity will be used for our casting, rolling and finishing installations, as well as for the electrically heated furnaces.”.

Ruben Van den Berg, the E&C Consultant involved in the project, said that “sustainability is becoming more and more important and via signing this PPA deal, not only an important step has been made towards reaching sustainability goals, but also from an energy strategy point of view this PPA fits perfectly and leads to a more diversified portfolio and reduces risks. A good combination of both worlds!”.


 Further details on the agreement.

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