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E&C Newsflashes on Grid Fees & Taxes

Updates on the non-commodity part of your energy expenses

The non-commodity cost (also known as ‘third party costs’) are charges added to an energy bill which originate from the government and third parties such as distribution companies for example.

The percentage of the non-commodity part of the bill can vary a lot based on the countries you're in. As the regulations are different in every country, the level of reductions or the type of exemptions are too. And they change often.

We keep track of these changes. Our clients can find an overview of all the non-commodity parts on their ePoint. If something changes, we send out a flash to keep you updated in the latest events: 

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→ Click to see sample of GFT related to Belgium in Jan 2022

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→ Click to see sample of GFT related to Czech Republic in Dec 2021

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→ Click to see sample of GFT related to Spain in Sept 2021

Nevertheless, other events might impact the energy expenses. We analyse those in our Daily and Monthly Markets Analyses, but we also provide you ad hoc newsflashes to keep you updated in the last minute happenings affecting your energy costs.

In times of over-information, choosing your sources has become more convenient than ever. As consultants, this is a daily issue we deal with. We filter the data for you to receive the most accurate information and don't miss any update. 

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