What's to be an E&Cer?

We asked Dina, Consultant

Enmascarar grupo 204Laura García, IT Developer

Valencia office


A typical day at E&C. "My day usually starts by checking my mail and having a stand up with the team. We briefly discuss most import topics, share how are we doing and ask for help if needed. As we work with an agile methodology, you know upfront the main tasks to be done during that sprint (a 2-3 weeks period in which we develop a tool or part of it). After that I usually have some meeting to align priorities with other teams or collect requirements for some development. Every now and then you can have some urgent requests/errors that you need to attend right away but we mostly work on planned tasks.".

Main challenges. "The main challenge is that you need to have strong analytical and synthetic skills. Problem solving and communication is also key.  You have to be able to communicate with people across the company and translate very complex business processes and business logic to well-structured framework to build tools that automate a task or help the rest of the company  to do its job more comfortably.".

The company culture at E&C Consultants. "Most remarkable aspect of E&C culture is how much everyone cares about people and the work they do. You can feel people trust in your knowledge and appreciate any initiative you may have. There is always room to learn and the guidance is great, no matter how busy people are, they are always open to help. You have lots of opportunities to develop yourself, in my case, I started as data analyst and move to developer to pursue my desired career path. Also, you have lots of responsibilities but lot of freedom to cope with them, from flexible working hours and  the remote working possibilities to extra holidays. Wrapping up, working conditions are just ideal.".

Skills this role can bring to your career path. "Apart from the experience on our technology stack, I gain a lot of experience in cross-functional communication, taking ownership of your work, working with an agile methodology and flexibility to adapt to priority changes.".


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