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We asked Dina, Consultant

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A typical day at E&C. "This depends a bit whether I am speaking from a country or CoCo consultant point of view. When it comes to county consultancy work, the main challenge is to make sure that the strategy is being communicated, well understood and implemented on a local level.

Also, the feedback towards suppliers is very important because they are our doors to the one of the most relevant tools in our risk management tool box – optimal contracts that allow us to execute the strategy of the client. When it comes to coordinating consultancy work, the main challenge is to have a good overview of the situation that we have in each country (towards country consultants) and making sure the central buyer gets the relevant information to be able to do their job."

The company culture at E&C Consultants. "A lot of things, but empowerment is definitely the one that hits the sweetspot with me. I enjoy being respected and supported within the E&C community. The level of autonomy, involvement and recognition that I feel within E&C always gives the confidence boost I need.

I only wish someone could tell me that I will end up in E&C when I was stressing about finding the right job and the right organizational culture."

Skills this role can bring to your career path. "Various of skills, but those I benefit from the most are teamwork, communication, negotiations, flexibility and leadership."


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