What's to be an E&Cer?

We asked Arnout, Financial Controller

Enmascarar grupo 200Arnout Hillaert, Financial Controller

Kortrijk office


A typical day at E&C. "We start with the stand-up, where we briefly discuss topics between the consultants, data analysts and us. Most of the time, financial controllers need some help from consultants or vice-versa. This is usually aligning actions that we will take for clients in the upcoming hours or days. 

Then I check for any deadlines that I need to complete by the end of the day. This can be tasks that are set up by consultants to check up on some clients. Can also be budgets where the deadline has been well known upfront. This usually always comes down to performing energy cost calculations in one form or another."

Challenges. "The main challenge definitely would be to have an overview of everything you are responsible for, since you almost immediately get clients assigned to you that become your responsibility. Organisational skills and planning are key. Of course, this can also be hectic at times. But the guidance is great, and you are never alone."

The company culture at E&C Consultants. "It is a unique experience to be working here. You are in a very warm environment. It is amazing that we are a relatively small company but with so many nationalities: it’s great to be talking to colleagues from different countries and having this broad spectrum.

The flexibility is a big plus. We get to choose when to work remotely or when to come to the office. In the Belgian office, you will never be alone and there is always a good atmosphere!"

Skills this role can bring to your career path. "You gain experience in the energy markets that will be helpful in energy related careers.

But it is much broader than that. You are an analyst that will develop his analytical skills and be challenged to critical thinking: this will be useful in any analytical job that you might want in the future."


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