Global Energy Markets at a Crossroads-Challenges and Opportunities for Spain


Networking and Roundtable

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E&C Consultants is pleased to invite you to our next event that will take place in Madrid at the NH Madrid Nacional Hotel next Thursday, 20 October 2022. 

This initiative is aimed exclusively at our clients. Its main objective is to provide tools for the energy buyers of large companies to help them manage the current circumstances and volatility of the energy markets. The discussions will have a global perspective given the interconnection between markets in the current global energy scenario. 

It also aims to analyse the specific Spanish situation in terms of PPA contracts: Spain is in a uniquely privileged situation in terms of natural resources and geographical location. However, much remains to be done in terms of infrastructure if Spain really wants to position itself as a European leader in the renewable energy market, an unavoidable market in the medium- and long-term for the world economy. 

Spain faces many challenges in the energy sector; the future purchasing decisions of large energy consumers depend to a large extent on how they are managed.

  • Thursday 20 October 2022
  •  NH Madrid Nacional Hotel - Paseo del Prado, 48, 28014 Madrid
  • Speakers will make their presentations in Spanish


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