Express Tendering

Do you have one or multiple energy contracts expiring soon
and not enough capacity to tackle this yourself?

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There have been several opportunities in the past to benefit from lower energy market prices, and when the markets start to go down, more opportunities will arise. However, there’s nothing more frustrating than not having an electricity or a gas contract in place allowing you to take action. Your company probably faces other priorities at the moment, such as dealing with the direct consequences of the crisis and concentrating on business continuity.

However, we’ve noticed that negotiating energy contracts have become harder these days, with energy suppliers even withdrawing proposals and you need those contracts to keep avoiding risks and benefit from opportunities.

Meet our “express tendering” service. We can help you out.

By sharing with us the country, commodity, consumption & connections you need help with, we’ll offer you our service at a one-off fee.

Do you have more than one country to tender for?

Connect with one of our representatives right away via +32 56 25 24 25, or leave a message in our website chat box.


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What you need to know about E&C’s energy supply contracting approach

We are an independent consultancy, meaning we never take commissions from an energy supplier. We will share our advice with you in all transparency and you’re free to decide with what supplier you’d like to sign a new agreement.

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